Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Gamers are like sharks.

Being a gamer feels like being a shark, whose best tool for interacting with the physical world just happens to be a gaping maw of razor sharp teeth. If a shark wants to check out that diver, it bites it. What else would it do? Rub it with its flipper?

As a gamer, my best tool for interacting with the world is often a set of razor sharp actions. I know it looks bad when I throw people out of cars and gun down hookers, but no one gives me a handshake or kissing button. :-(

Even Mass Effect, which featured conversation and a more nuanced moral spectrum, made me feel like a shark. During a conversation with a character that did something horrible, the dialogue option, "You should die for the things you've done," appeared. I thought, "Yeah! I'm taking this guy to prison, but he should know how terrible I think his actions were." So I made the selection and watched in horror as my character shot him dead at point blank range. I felt guilty, but my last save was too far back to correct my moral lapse.

The world through the eyes of a shark:


Jacob said...

OBLIVION!! I love how you can't kill all those "essential" characters. One of my friends came in while I was playing that (I think all friends ask any player to do this) and wanted me to kill the guy I was talking to. I made sure to save and then took a bow and arrow to the guy's face, just to have him get back up like nothing happened. Half the time they're not even pissed off about it! Hahahaha, Such a fun game!

Alan Tew said...

My character used no weapons, no magic, and no armor, and snuck up and punched everything in the ass. Surprisingly fun.

Alan Tew said...

And weird.

Jacob said...

So basically you sucker-punch everyone? Hahaha, Actually that does sound like lots of fun. Maybe I'll try that one of these days.

Is that your video or did you find it somewhere?

Alan Tew said...

Found it somewhere. I think it was on videosift for a moment or two.