Friday, January 11, 2008


I watched I am Legend with a few friends tonight and one of them asked whether the aliens from Signs or the vampires from Legend were more believable.

Legend's vampires were hard to get behind, but imagine being an alien capable of intergalactic travel and deciding to invade a planet 70% covered with lethal acid. And it rains this acid. And its inhabitants drink, swim in, and are 60% made of this acid. Would your attack strategy be to sharpen your fingernails, run around buck-fucking naked, and scratch your enemies to death?

Fuck Signs!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Herlo, world.

I thought it would be good to separate my rambling from my art. It's a little "cart before the horse" given I have no idea what my capacity for spewing text really is, but dammit, what if someone else wants ""?

Anyone who's tried to setup a username online (e.g., Gmail, Live, or a Diablo II character) knows how common it is to discover a seemingly random jumble of letters is meaningful to some other asshole. Really? Someone else already took "xgerbhf2s26"? It would be incredible if it weren't also so fucking irritating.